This week I am looking at sunscreen.

Annique upgraded their sunscreen to comply with international COLIPA and ISO standards 24443. This means the sunscreens have been upgraded and contains more stable UVA filters and won’t degrade as quickly in the sun.

The sunscreens that have been tested according to COLIPA Guidelines and new ISO standards will bear a new UVA symbol, which is now an internationally recognized symbol. Annique’s sunscreen’s packaging will be updated to reflect the international UVA symbol. This symbol indicates that the Annique sunscreens have passed the various tests which are performed according to the new ISO and SANS standard and have been tested by an independent laboratory.

The sunscreen packaging will also no longer bear the CANSA logo. The removal of the CANSA logo is because Annique distributes its sunscreens globally and the CANSA seal is only recognised locally.

The purpose of sun protection is to help you to limit your exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Sunburn damages the skin cells and blood vessels. Regular sunburn will cause your skin to look dry, wrinkled, discolored and leathery.

To prevent your skin from being damaged and running the risks of developing Melanoma (one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer) , you should be using a sunscreen daily.

This has been a recommendation from Dr Annique Theron and Medunsa since the 1970’s. It is also one of the recommended products in the Annique Daily Skin Care Routine.

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OptiVite – Essential daily vitamins and minerals

A Multivitamin is crucial for sustained optimum health, energy and a consistent mood.

OptiVite contains 12 essential vitamins and 9 minerals with added salmon oil for its omega 3 benefits and Rooibos extract.

PREVENT disease, tissue and organ deterioration and ageing!

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Amazing Rooibos and Eye Gel!


What a pain in the eye!!!  Yesterday I managed to get a blob of hair dye in my eye!!! BURN , burn , burn!!!! I immediately flushed my eye under the cold water tap, shrieking with pain and yelling for somebody to bring me some milk.  I poured some milk in my hand and kept my eye cupped until the milk seeped out between my fingers, did the whole process a couple of times.

I seemed to be fine and later in the afternoon we went to Francois’s sister to celebrate her birthday.  Soon after we arrived, my eye started feeling scratchy, so I was searching Flora’s kitchen for some Rooibos tea, as I have used it with success as eye drops before.  The safest Rooibos tea I could find was the Relax tea , which was Rooibos mixed with Wild Jasmine.  I made a cup and added some ice cubes to cool it down faster, and bathed my eye with it when it started to feel scratchy.  I also put the whole teabag on my eye a couple of times, for about 10 minutes at a time.

When I woke up at 2 am this morning, my eye was glued shut, and I rinsed it again with Rooibos tea which I kept in the bathroom.  I went back to bed and woke at about 6 am, with a very puffy eye.  At least it wasn’t scratchy!!.  As I was getting ready for church, I applied some of Annique’s Energizing Eye Gel around the eye , but also on the corner of the eyelid.  By the time we arrived at church, most of the swelling had gone down.  The only tell-tale sign was the redness on the eyeball .  I am sooo impressed with the Rooibos Tea and the Energizing Eye Gel!!

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SPF? It stands for Sun Protection Factor and refers to how well the sunscreen protects against UV-radiation. The SPF number indicates how long it will take the skin to turn red when exposed to sunlight. If you, for instance use a SPF 15, it will prevent the skin from getting red for approximately 15 times longer than had you not used sunscreen. If you burn within 10 minutes , the sunscreen will prevent you from burning for about 150 minutes, or 2,5 hours.

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Improves bowel function and digestion.
Promotes the absorption of nutrients
Boosts your immune system by helping to control and destroy potentially disease causing organisms
Our modern eating habits lead to a deficiency in good bacteria in the gut
Essential for overall health and well-being

Ailments improved by taking OptiFlora:
Food poisoning, Food allergies, Lactose intolerance, Infections like sore throat, candida, and bladder infections. Prolonged times of stress, After surgery or a course of antibiotics, Constipation or bowel problems like: IBS, Bloating, Belching, Indigestion, Diarrhea, cramps and thrush.

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